Dina Shukriu - Psychology - Poland

Dina Shukriu is sharing her Erasmus+ Internship experience in Poland.

I want to start by saying that being a part of the Erasmus+ Internship Programme was the best decision I’ve made during my studies at the University. As a 4rth year student at the Department of Psychology and a future psychologist, being open to new diversities and challanges has helped me see things from a more practical angle, which I genuinely believe is very essential and a great guidance to further develop my professional life. It has helped me open my mind by sharing different ideas and cultures and from them I learned how to see things from a different perspective. It literally was a taste of the real world sparkled with unlimited knowledge, drive and ambition.

The day this oppurtunity came to my door, I decided to pursue my 3rd internship in Poland, and based on some researches an references I chose the city of Warsaw. The very first thing I glimpsed while the plane was landing were the many natural green parks and ponds that were surrounding the city, how amazing is that I thought! I was very excited to start my new journey: new people, new languages, new traditions and food! Eventhough Warsaw is a city that has been completed destroyed during the WWII, fascinatingly their own people managed to rebuild it’s old spirit and atmosphere perfectly. The summer of 2018 has been probably the warmest one in the last decades, therefore, I had to bring out my best and seize it everyday.

"I have gained deeper insight of educational psychology"

The 2nd of July was the first day of my internship, and it was very remarkable and full of surprises because I got to meet my amazing and inspiring international co-workers and the kids with whom I’ve shared my two months of summer with. The institution was placed in the very center of Old Town, and I was jaw-dropping the moment I realised that I was going to work in that medieval historical neighbourhood that was surrounded by many cafes, shops and museums that were constructed in the harmony of renaissance architecture. Each day was very motivated to work in a very positive environment, where we were cooperating together to keep up the energy, the beautiful spirit, kindness and generousity that was thriving in there. I have gained deeper insight of educational psychology by working with young aged children every day, and being supervised by a professional who certainly boosted my confidence much more. I learned how to act more professionally during interactions with children who needed more care and attention, which increased my attempts to figure things out on my own as the times passed. It also helped me clarify my objectives on how I evaluate behavioral and emotional conditions on different children and cases. However, since the school was on a summer setting which was focused more on crafting activities and workshops, I didn’t get the chance to further see their academic competences. But one thing for sure is that, I was incredibly amazed how the school’s vision is full of linguistic advantages. Their aim is to teach children three languages from the beggining, and not surprisingly, they did a great job on that. Most of the young aged children new at least three out of these languages: English, Polish, Spanish, French or Chinese.

"I am extremely gratefull for this ‘full of wonders’ experience"

On the other hand, the fun part was probably the best part. I completely fell in love with how musical the city is! In every corner I could hear some nocturnes of Chopin playing and those tones mixing in the summer’s breeze was indescribable. During the weekends, a local tradition was to join the epic green parks all over the city and enjoy a pinch of classical music while reading books or riding bikes. Another factor that attracted me the most were the diversity of museums – ranging from the communism era to contemporary arts.

Beside all that, I am profoundly glad that I took this oppurtunity because it not only taught me more than I could have expected but it also prepared me for the real world. I have managed to achieve most of my goals and skills related to a more productive life such as time managing, solving problems, balancing the work and personal life as well as dealing well with unexpected situations. I am extremely gratefull for this ‘full of wonders’ experience and my achievements. One day, this will be a worth telling story of mine with memories full of festivals, delicious food and amazing people.

From here I shout out to every university student out there: If you get the chance to be a part of this wonderful experience, do not let it slip out of your hand. You won’t regret it!

Once an Erasmus, always an Erasmus :)