National Agencies are founded in the participatory countries to utilitize EU Education and Youth programmes in the country by organizing and coordinating activities in cooperation with the relevant parties. Turkish National Agency, Centre for EU Education and Youth Programmes, is affiliated to the Ministry of EU and responsible for coordination of the EU Education and Youth Programmes in Turkey. 
Turkish National Agency became a full member of the European Union Education and Youth Programmes in 2004 and carried out Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and Youth Programmes until 2006. It carried out Lifelong Learning and Youth Programmes between the years of 2007-2013, and has been carrying out the new Erasmus+ Programme which covers the years 2014-2020. 
Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinatorships of Turkish higher education institutions that carry out activities within the scope of Erasmus+ Programme carry out their activities as affiliated to Turkish National Agency.
In general, responsibilities of Turkish National Agency are announcing, coordinating, conducting and monitoring the EU Education and Youth Programmes in Turkey; preparing reports on these programmes to submit to the European Commission, participating in necessary meetings with the European Commission regarding the Programmes and signing related agreements.
In particular, responsibilities of Turkish National Agency include: 

* Informing all relevant parties within Turkey about the EU Education and Youth Programmes, and for this purpose establishing and developing the necessary physical, informational and legal infrastructure

* Carrying out close cooperation with public institutions, public and private education institutions, universities, private sector, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, professional organizations and youth organizations

* Translation of the Programme documents to Turkish

* Providing information on application requirements and procedures of the Programmes; organizing, supporting and keeping record of the application procedures 

* Making recommendations and when necessary providing training support in preparation of project applications and in implementation of the approved and funded projects

* Pre-evaluation of project proposals

* Supporting the national decision-making body and the European Commission in the project selection process

* Executing the necessary agreements with the beneficiaries of the Programmes in Turkey and with the European Commission, and making payments to the  beneficiaries 

* Effective management of the funds allocated to the National Agency, and establishment and management of the system that’s necessary for monitoring and keeping an account of the resources allocated to the National Agency

* Monitoring implementation of the approved and funded projects and use of the resources allocated to the project, keeping and evaluating project reports, carrying out administrative, financial and legal proceedings regarding the projects

* Supporting publication of project results, especially the highly appreciated ones, in the country and abroad

* Contributing to general evaluation and development of the Programmes, and enhancement of cooperation between different Programmes

* Ensuring and developing relations, cooperation and coordination with the European Commission, other National Agencies and beneficiaries from other countries.

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