IAESTE - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - is an organization that provides internship abroad opportunities for the Faculty of Architecture and Design and the Faculty of Engineering students to have technical experience related to their studies and to gain international practice abroad. It enables Engineering and Architecture students to do their compulsory internships, which can range between 4 weeks minimum to a maximum of 52 weeks, through the mutual exchange in about 80 different countries.

This program aims to train qualified engineers/architects specialized in their fields by creating an international bridge between students, companies, and universities, and to have our participating students adopt cooperation, teamwork, solidarity, and volunteering activities.

You may find detailed information about the general structure of IAESTE and its member countries at www.iaeste.org.

You may find detailed information about IAESTE Turkey from the link below.



Student Candidacy Requirements:

  • Being a student of either the Faculty of Architecture and Design or the Faculty of Engineering at FSMVU
  • Minimum 2nd year,
  • Minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00,
  • Students who get at least 70 points from the FSMVU IAESTE English language exam can benefit from the program.

Undergraduate students have priority, and students who have graduated will not be able to benefit from the program.


IAESTE Student Committee

IAESTE Turkey member universities are forming student clubs/committees to help students actively participate and benefit from the program. In this context, an IAESTE Student Committee will be formed under the roof of the FSMVU International Student Club with membership open to students from the Architecture and Engineering departments. Announcements will be made through the International Student Club and the Department of International Relations social media accounts. You may contact us via [email protected] to inquire on how to become a member.

IAESTE has 10 university affiliated student committees operating under the roof of the Turkey National Committee.


Forms for Prospective Students who are Eligible for Application 

Student Nominated Form 

Certificate of Enrollment

The form to be used for Germany: Immatrikulation Pflichtpraktikum 

The form to be used for Switzerland: Compulsory Internship Letter

Language Certificate   

The form to be used for Germany: Language Certification Form International 


Forms for Accepted / Eligible Students 

Arrival Information

Letter of Undertaking



Guidelines Language Certification Form 

Recommendations for Students 

Covering Letter Guidelines