Asst. Prof. Nazende Yılmaz - Interior Architecture - Italy

Assistant Professor Nazende Yılmaz, Department of Interior Architecture participated in the Erasmus+ KA131 Staff Teaching Mobility Program at Universita degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in Aversa, Italy in May 2024.

We are happy to share her experiences about this fruitful mobility. 

“I had the chance to make two presentations on Ottoman-era music spaces to the architecture master's students which were well received and sparked significant interest. I also engaged in fruitful discussions with Prof. Adriana Galderisi and Erasmus Coordinator Nicola Pisacane regarding the establishment of a dual degree master's program between our institutions. Additionally, organizing an international symposium was discussed with Prof. Claudio Gambardella.

This experience highlighted the importance of international academic collaboration. It was evident that such cultural exchanges greatly benefit students by broadening their perspectives. I believe that ongoing cooperation with Universita degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli will provide valuable opportunities for both institutions. Furthermore, facilitating student exchanges between our institutions will enrich their educational experiences, offering them unique insights and a broader understanding of different cultural and historical contexts.

I believe that it will be a very productive experience for FSMVU students to spend their one academic term in a historical monastery building in the Campania region of Italy, which is the cultural uniqueness of Europe. Likewise, I think that students studying in this small settlement like Aversa, close to Naples, can learn a lot in a historical metropolis like Istanbul and the disciplined education environment of our University.”