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Department of Turkish Education

TRO117         Yabancılar İçin Türkçe I

Department of Pre-School Education

Department of Guidance and Psychological Counselling


Department of Architecture

MIM077E Urban Conservation
ING101E  Advanced English I
MIM101E  Basic Design
ING102E  Advanced English II
MIM102E  Introductory Design Studio
MIM201E  Architectural Design I
MIM202E  Architectural Design II
MIM301E  Architectural Design III
MIM302E  Architectural Design IV
MIM401E  Architectural Design V
MIM402E  Graduation Project
IMIM071E  Speaking on Arts (A)
MIM002E  Architecture and Visual Perception (A)
MIM004E  Architecture and Environment (A)
MIM066E  Body Space and Movement (A)
MIM070E  Comparative Housing (C)

Department of Interior-Architecture

ING101E Advanced English I
MIM101E Basic Design
ING102E Advanced English II
MIM102E Introductory Design Studio
MIM201E Architectural Design I
IMIM202E Interior Architectural Design II
IMIM301E Interior Architectural Design II
IMIM302E Interior Architectural Design III
IMIM401E Interior Architectural Design IV
IMIM402E Graduation Project
IMIM071E Speaking on Arts (A)
MIM002E Architecture and Visual Perception (A)
MIM004E Architecture and Environment (A)
MIM007E Color in Architecture (A)
MIM066E Body Space and Movement (A)
MIM077E Urban Conservation
MIM042E Restoration Techniques (C)
MIM052E City and its Reconstruction Problems (C)
MIM070E Comparative Housing (C)
MIM76E Urban Identity (C)


Department of Biomedical Engineering

BLM103E Computer Programming I
BME111E Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
FIZ115E Physics I
ING101E Advanced English I
MAT115E Calculus I
BLM104E Computer Programming II
FIZ116E Physics II
ING102E Advanced English II
MAT116E Calculus II
MAT126E Linear Algebra
BLM201E Design Software
BLM203E Digital Systems
BME255E Electric Circuits
KIM115E General Chemistry
MAT215E Differential Equations
MED215E Cell and Molecular Biology
MAT227E Numerical Methods
MAT229E Matrix Theory with Matlab
MAT235E Engineering Mathematics
EEM201E Design Software
EEM203E Digital Systems
EEM215E Electric Circuits
BLM206E Microprocessor Systems
BLM210E Oral and Written Communication in Engineering
BME208E Electronic Circuits
MAT234E Statistics and Probability
MED202E Human Anatomy
MED204E Human Physiology
EEM218E Electronic Circuits
MUH210E Oral and Written Communication in Engineering
BME300E Summer Practice I
BME311E Biomedical Signals Systems
BME315E Biomedical Electronic
BME353E Biomedical Measurement Instrumentation
MED301E Biophysics
MED325E Biochemical Measurement techniques
BME313E Materials and Health
MED351E Medical Engineering Applications
BME312E Biomedical Systems Analysis and Design
BME314E Biomedical Signal Processing
BME352E Biomedical Control Systems
BME364E Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
BME392E Biomedical Systems Project Development
BME374E Biomaterials nanotechnologies
MED346E Radiation Physics
EEM314E Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
BME400E Summer Practice II
BME401E Graduation Project I
BLM443E Embedded System Design
BLM481E Engineering Economics
BLM483E Job Security in Engineering
BLM485E Scientific Research Methods
BME421E Sensor and Transducers
BME441E Medical Imaging Systems I
MUH403E History of Science and Technology
BME402E Graduation Projects II
BLM482E Engineering Management
BLM484E Cost Analysis in Engineering
BME451E Image Processing
BME461E Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
BLM434E Mobil Programming
BLM441E Wireless Communication Systems
BLM444E Intelligent Object and Environment Design
BLM446E Introduction to Robotics
BLM447E Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
BLM448E Medical Informatics
BME472E Introduction to Biomechanic Engineering
BME490E Clinical Engineering Management
BME422E Medical Image Processing Applications
BME442E Medical Imaging Systems II
BME448E Medical Informatics
MUH404E Engineering Management

Department of Civil Engineering

FIZ115E Physics I
ING101E Advanced English I
INM101E Introduction to Civil Engineering
KIM115E General Chemistry
MAT115E Calculus I
FIZ116E Physics II
ING102E Advanced English II
INM104E Engineering Drawing
INM122E Engineering Mechanics I (Statics)
MAT116E Calculus II
INM203E Computer Programming
INM223E Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamic)
INM225E Strength of Materials I
INM241E Materials Science
MAT126E Linear Algebra
MAT215E Differential Equations
INM202E Geology for Civil Engineering
INM204E Surveying
INM226E Strength of Materials II
INM232E Engineering Economy
INM242E Materials of Construction
MAT234E Statistics and Probability
INM300E Summer Practice I
INM351E Transportation Engineering
INM361E Soil Mechanics
INM371E Fluid Mechanics
INM381E Structural Analysis I
MAT227E Numerical Methods
MAT229E Matrix Theory with MATLAB
MAT243E Mathematics for Engineers
INM332E Project Management
INM362E Foundation Engineering
INM372E Hydraulic Engineering
INM382E Structural Analysis II
INM384E Reinforced Concrete I
INM386E Steel Structures
INM400E Summer Practice II
INM433E Construction Planning and Cost Analysis
INM435E Project Management and Planning
INM443E Durability of Concrete Structures
INM445E Selection of Materials
INM453E Railway Engineering
INM455E Construction of Tunneling
INM459E Transportation Design
INM463E Trenchless Technologies
INM465E Underground Structures
INM469E Design of Retaining Structures
INM473E Hydrology
INM475E Computer Applications in Hydraulics
INM477E Design of Water Supply and Waste Water Systems
INM481E Advanced Theory of Structures
INM483E Introduction to Dynamics of Structures
INM485E Prestressed Concrete
INM487E Timber Structures
INM489E Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures
INM491E Design of Steel Structures
INM493E Bridge Design
INM495E Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
INM497E Design of High Rise Buildings
INM498E Civil Engineering Design
INM434E Construction Machinery
INM436E Computer Applications in Project Management
INM444E Advanced Concrete Technologies
INM446E Water Insulation in Buildings
INM454E Traffic Engineering
INM456E Urban Transportation Systems
INM464E Introduction to Deep Excavation
INM466E Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
INM474E Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation
INM476E Introduction to Coastal Hydraulics
INM482E Introduction to Finite Elements
INM484E Reinforced Concrete II
INM486E Steel Structures II
INM488E Computer Applications in Structural Engineering
INM013E Entrepreneurship and Innovation
INM014E Entrepreneurship and Innovation II

Department of Computer Engineering

MAT115E Calculus I
MAT116E  Calculus II
MAT217E  Discrete Structures
MIM035E   Global Issues
ING101E   Advanced English I
ING102E   Advanced English II
MUH210E  Oral and Written Communication in Engineering
EEM201E   Design Software
EEM203E  Digital Systems
EEM215E  Electric Circuits
EEM228E  Electronics I
BLM101E  Introduction to Computer Enginnering
BLM202E  Data Structures
BLM250E  Python Programing Language
BLM255E  Electric Circuits
BLM307E  Algoritma Analizi ve Tasarımı
BLM308E  Human Computer Interaction & Visualization
BLM320E  Formal Languages and Automata Theory
BLM322E  Signals & Systems
BLM391E  Optimisation Algorithms
BLM411E  Multimedia Software Development
BLM412E  Introduction to Data Mining
BLM413E  Parallel Programming
BLM414E  Game Software Development
BLM415E  Computer Programming Languages
BLM416E  Web Database Systems
BLM417E  Web Design and Programming
BLM418E  Educational Software Development
BLM419E  Computer Graphics
BLM420E  Service Oriented Software Development
BLM422E  Software Testing
BLM424E  Project Management
BLM425E  Software Project Management
BLM432E  Introduction to Data Science
BLM401E  Graduation Project I
BLM402E  Graduation Projects II
BLM440E  System & Network Management
BLM441E  Wireless Communication Systems
BLM442E  Computer System Security
BLM443E  Embedded Systems
BLM444E  Intelligent Object and Environment Design
BLM445E  System Programming
BLM446E  Introduction to Robotics
BLM447E  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
BLM448E  Medical Informatics
BLM449E  Digital Signal Processing
BLM450E  Image Processing
BLM461E  Graph Theory and Algorithms
BLM462E  Introduction to Machine Learning
BLM471E  System Administration for High Performance Computing Clusters

Department of Electric/Electronic Engineering

ING101E   Advanced English I
ING102E   Advanced English II
BLM103E  Computer Programming I
BLM104E  Computer Programming II
FIZ115E    Physics I
FIZ116E    Physics II
MAT115E  Calculus I
MAT116E  Calculus II  
MAT126E  Linear Algebra
MAT215E  Differential Equations
MAT227E  Numerical Methods
MAT228E  Numerical Optimization
MAT229E  Matrix Theory with MATLAB
MAT234E  Statistics and Probability
MAT235E  Engineering Mathematics
MUH210E Oral and Written Communication in Engineering
MUH401E Job Security in Engineering
MUH402E Engineering Economics
MUH404E Engineering Management
MUH405E Scientific Research Methods
MUH406E Cost Analysis in Engineering
MUH452E Quality Management
KIM115E   General Chemistry
EEM101E  Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EEM201E  Design Software
EEM203E  Digital Systems
EEM205E  Circuit and Systems Analysis I
EEM206E  Circuit and Systems Analysis II
EEM216E  Microprocessors
EEM228E  Electronics I
EEM242E  Electromagnetic Fields Theory
EEM300E  Summer Practice I
EEM312E  Electrical and Electronics Measurement Techniques
EEM314E  Electronic Instrumentation
EEM324E  IC Design
EEM329E Electronics II
EEM341E  Electromagnetic Waves Theory
EEM343E  Introduction to Communication Systems
EEM344E  Digital Communication Systems
EEM346E  Advanced Digital System Design
EEM355E  Signals and Systems
EEM356E  Digital Signal Processing
EEM361E  Electromechanic Energy Conversion
EEM364E  Control Systems
EEM372E  Electrical Machines
EEM374E  Electrical Installations
EEM375E  Power Electronic Circuits
EEM400E  Summer Practice II
EEM401E  Graduation Project I
EEM402E  Graduation Project II
EEM426E  Optoelectronics
EEM442E  Microwave Techniques
EEM443E  Communication Electronics
EEM444E  Mobile Communication Systems
EEM445E  Antennas and Propagation  
EEM447E  Introduction to Robotics      
EEM451E  Digital Image Processing
EEM467E  Process Control
EEM468E  Programmable Logic Circuit Design
EEM469E  Power System Control & Communications
EEM471E  Electrical Energy Generation
EEM472E  Energy Distribution System
EEM473E  Illumination Techniques
EEM474E  High Voltage Techniques
EEM475E  Digital Protection & Signaling
EEM476E  Renewable Energy Systems
EEM478E  Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Reactors
EEM479E  Electric Drive Systems


Department of Graphic Design

GRT294E- Contemporary Art Revıew
GRT306-Traditional Turkish Motifs in Graphic Design
GRT366- Environmental Graphic Design
ING101E Advanced English I
ING102E Advanced English II

Department of Traditional Turkish Arts

ING101E Advanced English I
ING102E Advanced English II
GTS005E Tile and Ceramic Raw Materials I
GTS006E Tile And Ceramic Raw Materials II
GTS070E Introduction to Art
GTS071E Use of Computer in Pattern Design
GTS072E Technical Drawing and Perspective
GTS077E Analysis of Architectural Structures
GTS084E Design Theories in Rug, Flat Views and Old Textiles


Department of Islamic Sciences


Department of Law

HUK 469E- Law of Contracts
HUK 262E- Turkish Law System
HUK 267E- Introduction to Turkish Law
HUK 363E- Turkish Business Law
HUK 103- Introduction To Civil Law and Law of Persons
HUK 207- Public International Law I
HUK 260E- Public International Law II
HUK 268E- Family Law
HUK 269- Law of Persons
HUK 368E- Property Law
HUK 369E-Turkish Law Of Obligations General Provisions
HUK 403- International Private Law I
HUK 404E- International Private Law II
HUK 468E- Law of Succession
HUK 478- Current Affairs of International Law



Department of Turkish Language and Literature

ING101E Advanced English -I-
TDE127E Introduction to Turkology
ING102E Advanced English II
TDE124E Introductions to Turkic Languages
TDE221E Turkish Language Studies in The Period of Modernization         
TDE214E Turkish Grammar Writing
TDE313E Syntax
TDE324E Introduction to Semantics
TDE421E Introduction to Discourse Analysis
TDE424E Great Personalities in Classical Turkish Literature

Department of History of Science

ING101E Advanced English I
BT101E Introductıon the History of Science in İslam I
BT103E History of Chemistry in İslam I
ING102E Advanced English II
BT102E Introduction to History of Science in Islam II
BT104E History of Chemistry in Islam II

Department of History

ING101E Advanced English I
ING102E Advanced English II
TRH208E World History II
TRH304E History of Modern Europe
TRH405E History of the Balkans
TRH211E Introduction to Cultural History
TRH217E Ottoman Geography
TRH417E Ottoman Diplomatic History
TRH216E Texts of the History of Science
TRH218E Texts of Cultural History

Department of Psychology

PSI211E Child Abuse                                                                            
PSI212E Evolutionary Psychology                                                     
PSI214E  The Psychology of Gender
PSI215E Environmental Psychology 
PSI310E Traffic Psychology
PSI312E Clinical Psychology                                                      
PSI316E  Biological Psychology                                                         
PSI313E Health Psychology
PSI405E Psychological Testing I  
PSI406E Psychological Testing II 
PSI413E Family Psychology
PSI415E Terminology in Psychology                                                                 
PSI418E Forensic Psychology                                                                
PSI422E Terminology in Clinical Psychology                                    
PSI207E Computer Based Statistics for Behavioural Sciences I
PSI208E Computer Based Statistics for Behavioral Sciences II
PSI308E  Practices in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSI407E Contemporary Approaches in Psychology 
PSI426E Current Topics in Clinical Psychology
PSI307E  Industrial and Organizational Psychlogy
PSI219E Behavioral Economics
PSI309E Geriatrics Psychology
PSI317E Crisis Intervention
PSI421E Statistical Modelling in Psychology
PSI218E Sport Psychology
PSI410E Current Topics in Social Psychology
PSI418E Forensic Psychology


School of Child Development

ÇGP108E- Chıld Psychology And Mental Health
ÇGP224E- Personal Development
ÇGP107E- Basic Design

School of Civil Aviation Cabin Services

KHZ101-Organisation & Responsibilities
KHZ105- Introduction to Aviation
KHZ103- Aviation Terminology

School of Justice

Vocational School of Fine Arts

School of Architectural Restoration


Health Culture
E- Systems
International Relations